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Acceptance - Let Go, Relax, Now | Geeta B Bhansali

What is Acceptance?

Accepting the ‘isness’ of the moment and not the situation.

Saying Yes to NOW

What happens when we don’t accept?

There is a tug of war between you and the situation

What you resist persists

You are focussing on the problem and not the situation

What happens with acceptance?

You are in the NOW

Judgement stops, Questioning stops.(why me, how)

It enhances the ability to deal with the situation

With acceptance comes presence,. with presence comes alertness and with alertness comes change

How to accept?

LET GO, Relax, NOW

Let go of resistance, let go of anxiety and worries (journaling, draw, silence, breathe, affirm)

Deeply relax (humming, music, dance, art, play)

Be in the NOW: (focus and snap out of past and future)

Accept and acknowledge where you are, before you figure out how to get out of the situation

Compiled by: Geeta B Bhansali (

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