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Gratitude | Geeta B Bhansali

What is gratitude?

  • ‘gifts outweighing exchange’

  • Gratitude is a selfless act.

  • “A gift that is freely given”

The beautiful cycle of gratitude:

Gratitude causes happiness, while at the same time, that feeling of happiness fosters gratitude.

Gratitude can be contagious.

  • Gratitude is different than ‘thank you’

  • gratitude is not just an action: it is also a positive emotion

  • it happens when you are overwhelmed by something or somebody.

  • There is no feeling of indebtedness, guilt

  • being overwhelmed with gratitude is a very beautiful way to be receptive.

How can we practise gratitude?

  • Feel it

  • Appreciate, acknowledge, action

  • Focus on quality instead of quantity

How does gratitude help?

  • Improve well-being.

  • Increase optimism

  • Deeper connection with self, others and Universe

Compiled by: Geeta B Bhansali

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