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Holistic approach to wellbeing | Geeta B Bhansali

Holistic approach to wellbeing – during COVID times(and in general)

Health is a state of harmony within 5 koshas (physical, mental, vital, wisdom, blissful parts) of our selves.

These are some natural ways to being in harmony, and healthy.

Food is the best medicine

· Replace sugar with jaggery

· Cook with love & joy

· Avoid animal products, caffeine, packaged food, cold stuff, tobacco, alcohol

· Have natural herbal tea, natural vitamin C

Rest and Relaxation for Internal and External Organs

· Oil or oil free massage

· Sleep/power naps-as per rhythm of the Sun

· Guided meditations

· Do not sleep excessively

Exercise your Internal and External Organs

· Yoga

· Dance/Movement

· Power of Breadth: breathe fully

· Protective shield

· Mantras

· Grounding

Tune in to your own wisdom

· Listen to body signals

· Talk to your body

· Follow your intuition

Build Mental and Emotional Health

· Limit the time you spend watching or listening to media coverage

· it’s normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry

· Use Affirmations: ‘I am safe, you are safe, we are safe’; ‘I sleep in peace and wake up in joy’

· Change fear to concern and take steps to address the concerns

· Voicing : journal, draw, speak

Cultivate Joy and gratitude

· follow your passion, hobby

· Laugh, play with friends, family etc.

· Feel gratitude and express the same

We are naturally designed to be healthy. Health is in our hands.


· Lymphatic pump exercise:

· Swasth Yog Institute Immunity Building guidelines

· Body Loosening practice:

· Oil free hand massage:

· Relaxation:

· Breathe well, breathe right:

· Grounding

· Herbal tea:

  • Boil any of the below ingredients in water, can add jaggery and few drops of lime.

  • Tulsi, Ginger, Lemon grass, Mint leaves (Pudina)(these are used fresh)

  • Black Pepper, Cinnamon (Daalchini),Cardamom (Elaichi),Fennel seeds (Saunf),Coriander seeds (Dhaniya),Cumin Seeds (Jeera)(these are used as powder)

· The Health Awareness Centre articles

Compiled by: Geeta B Bhansali

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