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Inner Child Affirmations | Cathryn Taylor

Research indicates our core beliefs originate in childhood. It stands to reason that if a person's life is not working it is the result of outdated core beliefs and that Inner Child Work is the most obvious place to begin the repair.

Many hear the term "inner child" and think: "Been there, done that!" If dreams are unrealized or goals unattained, it's most likely the result of self-sabotage. There is still an #innerchild who needs direction and love.

According to Cathryn Taylor, author of the best-seller Inner Child Workbook, "Inner child work is not something you do - it is a relationship you nurture. To say you have "done" inner child work is like saying, I gave birth to my child and now my job is over."

Taylor, one of five authors who popularized the concept of inner child work in the mid-eighties, has continued to evolve, modernize and apply this focus to issues including body image; addictions; relationships; prosperity and career.

Her latest work combines her expertise with Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Inner Child Work gives the method to identify the sabotaging fears and EFT provides a way to neutralize them. This combination offers one of the most empowering avenues to alter belief systems and patterns of behaviors which do not work.

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