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Making Choices| Geeta B Bhansali

· We always and always have a choice.

· When I say to myself…’I have no choice’, that’s also a choice that you are making of not having a choice.

· Fear stops us in having a choice: Release the fear

· Tell yourself, ‘I always have a choice’

· When you give yourself a choice, there is strength and freedom.

· What influences your choices? What is the choice stemming from?

o Inner environment-beliefs, upbringing, emotions (guilt, fear).

o Outer environment-friends, peers, society religion.

· Free your choices from right or wrong; It’s never a right or wrong choice

· Free your choices from being easy or tough

· What does a choice bring with it:

o Ownership

o Responsibility of the consequences: all choices have consequences

o While we can make choices, we can’t choose the results

· Make a choice and be peaceful with it

· When we make a choice free from our past (which is our hidden blocks) and free from the results (which is future), that’s when you make a free choice.

The choices you make in life, will make your life.

Compiled by: Geeta B Bhansali

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