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Whose business are you in? | Geeta B Bhansali

Whose business are you in?

There are 3 kinds of business:

1. Mine

2. Yours

3. God’s

When you are going through a problem, ask yourself this 1st question, is this my business?

Suffering happens when we get out of our business and into someone else’s business.

Let’s understand clear steps to deal with your ‘problem situation’:

  1. Notice and become aware of the situation (whose business are you in?)

  2. Draw 3 columns: My business, Your business, God’s Business

  3. Write down your trash, complaints and judgements

  4. Self inquiry: ask questions to yourself: is this really true?’ what can I do about this? Is this thinking helping me in any way?

  5. Shift your perspective: focus on solutions; when you change the way you look, what you look at changes

Stay out of the business that isn’t yours.

Compiled by: Geeta B Bhansali

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