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SEEDS of Happiness

Do you wish to?

• Discover your own magic and true potential?
• Take charge of your own life situations?
• Understand how your thoughts, emotions and body are inter connected?
• Take health in your own hands?

SEEDS of Happiness program:

  • is based on the following premises: Self responsibility; Self Diagnosis; Self Prescription; Self Discipline

  • equips you with practical and valuable tools for self discovery and wellbeing which eventually leads to happiness.

  • is comprehensive, experiential, introspective and interactive.


Who can join?
Individuals who wish to adopt a holistic and practical approach to wellbeing and overall health.

You will learn:
Understanding and application of basic and practical skills to :
• deal with your problems or life situations
• change your old non-serving thought patterns
• feel your emotions fully
• listen and respond to body signals
• express freely
• let go of the past
• create your future


• An open mind for Group interaction and self introspection
• Willingness to take self responsibility and experience your own self


Course content:
• 3.5 hours covered in 5
• Downloadable resources(audios)

• Two Handbooks

  1.  Program book  

  2. Support Book with relevant articles and resources


1. Awareness
2. Feelings
3. Releasing the past
4. Body talk and body postures
5. Needs, Affirmations, Vision board, Visualisation


By attending this program you will understand how to:
• take health in your hands
• become the master of your mind
• feel free
• have clarity 
• experience freedom of expression
• be joyful and peaceful

Format: online (session recordings are not provided)

Date and time:  3.5 hours covered in 5 sessions(45 minutes each)

3rd to 7th January (Monday to Friday)

8pm to 8.45pm 

Facilitated by: Geeta B Bhansali (

Contribution:  offered in the spirit of gift

Participants can choose to repeat

Contact: 9820390102   I

Feedback of participants:

  1.  I had a back ache. I used ​tapping and body talk and it reduced in a day.

  2. Whenever I get headaches, I use tapping and knuckling and within seconds I feel a difference.

  3. I listen to the guided meditations daily and I feel less nervous and more grounded.

  4. I was in emotional pain but now I feel calm and happy.

  5. I am a different person. Anxiety attacks, palpitations all have gone. 

  6. I do journaling often, talk to my neck rashes and they have totally disappeared.

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