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Let me share a story about SEEDS

A man was browsing in a store when he made the shocking discovery that a magician was behind a sales counter.  So the man walked over and asked, “What are you selling?” The magician replied, “What does your heart desire?” The man said, “I want happiness, peace of mind, and freedom from fear . . . for me and the whole world.”  The magician smiled and said, “I don’t sell fruits here.  I sell only seeds.”

SEEDS are magic. The entire tree is contained in the seed, and the entire forest is contained in the seed. The seed can lie dormant but when it awakens, its entire potential starts to burst into life.

In Seeds of Wellbeing, ‘SEEDS’ are foundational programs that equip you with practical and valuable tools, to deal with your life situations


The SEEDS programs are based on the following premises: 

Self responsibility; Self Diagnosis; Self Prescription; Self Discipline

These programs are comprehensive, experiential, introspective and interactive.

Various ‘SEEDS’ offered are:

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