SEEDS to process

Fear & Anxiety

Do you wish to?

• Learn to process and manage your fear and anxiety in healthy ways?

• Feel relaxed and at ease?

• Feel free?

SEEDS to process fear and anxiety:

  • is based on the following premises: Self responsibility; Self Diagnosis; Self Prescription; Self Discipline

  • equips you with practical and valuable tools for processing fear and anxiety which eventually leads to trust and acceptance.

  • is comprehensive, experiential, introspective and interactive.


Who can join?
Individuals who wish to adopt a holistic and practical approach to wellbeing and overall health.

You will learn:
Understanding and application of basic and practical skills to :
• deal with fear, anxiety
• accept, understand and process thoughts and emotions of fear and anxiety 
• feel your emotions fully
• listen and respond to body signals
• express freely
• let go of the fear and anxiety
• take actions to create a new  health approach


• An open mind for Group interaction and self introspection
• Willingness to take self responsibility and experience your own self


Course content:
• 5 sessions of 45 minutes each
• Downloadable resources(audios)
• Two Handbooks

  1.  Program book  

  2. Support Book with relevant articles and resources


1. Awareness and Acceptance
2. Feel, Express, Release, Breathe
3. Befriend Fear & Anxiety
4. Body talk and body postures
5. Goals, Affirmations, Rehearse, Actions


By attending this program you will understand how to:
• take health in your hands
• become the master of your mind
• feel free
• build trust and acceptance 
• • be joyful and peaceful

Format: online (session recordings are not provided)


Date and time: total 3.5 hours, 5 sessions of 45 minutes each

23rd to 27th Nov. (Mon to Fri) 8.30pm to 9.15pm

Facilitated by: Geeta B Bhansali (

Contribution: Rs. 1500/-

For participants who wish to repeat: Rs.500/-

Payment details:

  • Google Pay on 9820390102  

  • Online Transfer

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