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SEEDS to process Triggers

Do you wish to?

• Learn to manage your triggers in healthy ways?
• Feel relaxed and at ease?
• Be free?

SEEDS to process Triggers program :

  • is based on the following premises: Self responsibility; Self Diagnosis; Self Prescription; Self Discipline

  • equips you with practical and valuable tools that leads to ease and peace.

  • is comprehensive, experiential, introspective and interactive.


Who can join?
Individuals who wish to deal with their triggers.

You will learn:
Understanding and application of basic and practical skills to :
• deal with your problems or life situations that trigger you
• feel your emotions fully
• express freely
• understand your needs and fulfil them

• An open mind for Group interaction and self introspection
• Willingness to take self responsibility and experience your own self


Course content:

• 3 sessions of 45 minutes each
• Downloadable resources(audios)
• Relevant Articles and resources


1. Open the wound (Awareness: cause of triggers; stimulus and root cause)
2. Feel the wound (Feel and express fully: feel your emotions and express them)
3. Nurse the wound (Needs and strategies: understand your needs and create strategies to fulfil them)


By attending this program you will understand how to:

• respond instead of react
• feel free
• have clarity 
• experience freedom of expression
• be joyful and peaceful

Format: online (session recordings are not provided)

Date and time:  2.5 hours covered in 2 sessions

31st July(Saturday) and 1st Aug, (Sunday) 

6pm to 7.15pm

Facilitated by: Geeta B Bhansali (


this program is offered in the spirit of gift.

Participants can choose to repeat.

Contact: 9820390102   I

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