SOW: Train the Trainer program for facilitation.

This program is packed with 50+integrated therapeutic tools, techniques, activities, processes, related to mind and body. Through this program, you will learn and experience varied skills right from being deeply meditative to being freely expressive, all under one roof.

How will this help?

These skills, tools and processes can be used for your own wellbeing, therapy work or in workshops.

Through this programs you will:

• move towards wellbeing-a state of harmony

• learn 50+ skills to understand mind, body, emotions

• Enhance your therapeutic skills in an integrated way

What is special about this program?


SOW train the trainer program:

•  It is transformative (metamorphosis...caterpillar to butterfly)

• It provides 70+ practical, implementable, measurable tools

• It is solution oriented, paves the path to reach the solution

• It has an integrated approach

• It is experiential


Who can attend?

•  Mental health practitioners, Psychologists, Doctors, Therapists, Facilitators

• Participants who are interested in learning about the field of holistic wellbeing

What will be covered (curriculum)


Dealing with thoughts:

Understanding the subconscious mind

Belief work


Digging to the root cause

Dealing with emotions:

Dealing with Triggers

Understanding, expressing Emotions

Accepting & integrating Shadow self

Body talk

Inner child

Creative Expression:





Applied theatre

Heart-full Communication

Discernment – Observation & judgement

Feelings and needs

Learning to make requests

Empathetic listening & honestly expressing


Vision board


Practical application of the 50+ techniques and processes

20 and more case studies related to mind, body

One on one practise

Demo sessions

Setting Boundaries - a part of self care

Forgiveness - journey towards freedom

Practise of case studies and self reflection exercises on all days.

SOW program can be customised as per the need of the organisation or participants.

The program is delivered in English as well in Hindi.

Certification: There is a certificate of participation provided