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SOW - Exploration Program

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I have been facilitating various shorter sessions related to wellbeing.

And I am realizing that the need of the hour is, to create a safe space for deeper inner practice, where the participants can feel free to be themselves, learn and share.

In short, to create a space for 'Abhyaasa with Sangha'.

The intention is, to hold this space, where participants can get a deeper understanding of certain wholistic processes, which could become a guide for their own wellbeing (Body, Energy, Mind, Emotions).

Key questions to explore:

Can I learn to see things as a mirror to my own self?

Can I be a listener, sharer, observer?

How does this program help?

This program:

  1. Helps to unfold the patterns of the Self through a learning and sharing space.

  2. Enables to observe the inner workings of our mind.

  3. Offers a practical and community approach to inner work.

  4. Creates a bonding within and with others by meeting with a committed group consistently.

  5. Helps to internalise this practice of inner work.

  6. Allows one to listen to oneself, others and the context with more clarity, courage and compassion.

  7. Gives a set of inner work processes that could become a guide for wellbeing.

Come share the space for...

  • Healing

  • Exploration

  • Reflection

  • Learning

Incentive: one personal integrative session

Course details:

Total duration:  1.5 months, 16 hours spread over 6 weeks.

Sessions: 8 sessions, once a week; Each session is for 2 hours.

Days: Tuesday

Timings: 7.30pm to 9.30pm

The program would commence on Tuesday, 10th May 2022.

Recordings will be shared.


Batch size: is 10 participants.


Investment: Rs.4500/-

The investment is a way for commitment. Do not let this come in the way of joining the program.

If you are facing any challenge with respect to the amount, do write or call and the same could be addressed.

Topics covered:

  • What is illness

  • What is heath

  • Self diagnosis

  • Symptoms in Body, Emotions, Mind, Emotions

  • Processes that can be used as prescriptions for the diagnosis/symptoms.

  • Observe

  • Feel fully

  • Let go

  • Express

  • Accept

  • Communicate

  • Transform


What will you harvest:

  • Dis-ease free body 

  • Be at ease

  • Freedom to feel, express and be your self 

  • Rooted in self 

  • Experience joy 

  • Listen to inner wisdom 

  • Harmony within

  • Feel a sense of overall wellbeing


All sessions involves full participation with learning, sharings, reflections.


  • Program Handbook

  • Self reflection exercises on all days

  • Practical application of the processes

  • Group practice

  • Certification: There is a certificate of participation provided.

Facilitated by: Geeta B Bhansali (

Payment details:

  • Google Pay on 9820390102  

  • Online Transfer

         Geeta Bimal Bhansali Savings Account HDFC Bank. Shapoorji pallonji bldg. Parel. Mumbai 400012                  AC. No. 03571370001215 IFSC Code.. HDFC0000357

Contact: 9820390102   I 


Participant Feedback:  

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